If you’re unsure if your savings account is safe, you can check Consumer Reports to see if it has been reported for scamming. The website of MoneySuperMarket offers a list of the top savings accounts. You can also use an online search engine to find a savings account. However, you should be careful about the interest rate offered on savings accounts. A higher interest rate is a sign that it’s a scam.

Beware of unexpected checks. Some of these might appear as a refund or rebate check. If you don’t read the fine print carefully, it could be a scam. In many cases, these checks are a precursor to a legally binding agreement, such as a loan or membership. You should be aware of any such checks and be wary of them. These scams can happen in any industry. So, always beware of the offers that seem too good to be true.

Savings interest rates have reached all-time lows, and if you’re counting on the interest from your savings, it’s important to make sure you don’t fall victim to scammers. You may be tempted to sign up for the best fixed-rate bonds available. While these offer high interest rates, they’re usually not worth the risk. Regardless of the risks, it’s important to keep your money safe and secure.