A new savings account scam has hit Greenwich. The conman pretends to be a police officer and calls the elderly with the bank details. They then instruct them to call the bank and report the fraud. They will then discuss the bank details over the phone. They will not hang up after you ask them to verify your details, so they will likely be impersonating bank staff. The victims then transfer money into these fake accounts. Once they are convinced they are receiving the funds they need, they may not notice the difference.

Another common scam involves phony phone calls. The scammer claims to be Craig, who is recovering from an emergency brain surgery. However, the impersonating Craig is not Craig at all. He called the bank and asked them to wire $3,500 to his bank account. The bank refused to give the money because it was not Craig’s. The scammers use cloned websites to trick people into giving them their sensitive information.

Another common savings account scam targets the elderly. It impersonates the elderly and asks for their bank information. The bank never asks for this information. If a cloned website is asking for your account number, it is probably a scam. The best way to avoid this is to never give your financial information to someone who claims to be from your bank. The person may have hacked your account and sent you an unsolicited email.