Investors should be aware of the Bonds Fraud Process in order to avoid being a victim of such schemes. Scam artists often make fraudulent claims such as claiming that bonds are today payable in gold or money. This is untrue and is actually used in high-yield trading programs, which do not exist in the United States or offshore. Scam artists also may use third party valuations, which are not legitimate, to entice investors into buying bogus historical bonds for $150,000.

A bonded promissory note is a document used by a fraudulent party to obtain funds. These notes are usually a fake and contain false statements and omissions. Despite the fact that they are forged, these notes are usually accepted as legal payments. These fictitious debts are often used to pay other people’s debts. Fortunately, the SEC has established a process to catch these fraudulent transactions.

Federal officials are investigating a large-scale fraudulent scheme that involved the use of bonded promissory notes. These fraudulent notes are a form of promissory note, and are often used to purchase cars, pay off mortgages, and even pay for veterinarian or medical bills. It is important to know about this fraud process, as it is an illegal activity. In addition, there are a number of fraudulent bonded promissory notes on the market.