Bonds Canada

Bonds are a valuable asset that is important to any portfolio. Investing in these instruments can help protect your assets from stock market volatility, and they can also provide regular, passive income. Today, it’s easier than ever to purchase these securities. In Canada, you can easily buy and sell these bonds through the online marketplace. Here are the steps you should take to buy them. Read on to learn more. We’ve listed the most common reasons why people choose to invest in these investments.

One reason to purchase Canada Savings Bonds is that they have high interest rates. You’ll get a high interest rate, with regular and compounding interest. They’re ideal for long-term investing. These securities are usually issued in denominations of $100 CAD and have a 10-year maturity. These bonds were originally sold during World War I as war bonds and were issued again in 1945 to fund the Second World War. In November 2017, the Canadian government discontinued selling them. The reasons given were declining sales and rising administrative costs. These securities were replaced by more attractive funding programs.

The Canadian bond market has remained active and is expected to grow even more this year. Issuing companies have risen by more than 20% since last November. These securities are priced lower than they were in the same period last year, and the issuance volume has jumped this month as well. The government is considering ending the costly Canada Savings Bond program. If you’re looking to purchase bonds, here’s a guide: How to Choose the Right Canadian Savings Bond